Youngest Sibling Most Likely To Commit Suicide

Interesting new research.  In the past, there was some evidence that middleborns were the most likely to have adjustment disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety) and suicidal thoughts — the good ol’ “middle born syndrome” — but new evidence suggests that youngest at greatest risk.  Here are some of the reasons given by the researchers:

Younger siblings are often bullied by their olders, with many known harmful effects.

Less parental attention and supervision and parents’ lower awareness of children’s psychological health.

Weaker attachment between later-born children and their parents because of less time with parents.

Also could be due to higher age of parents at children’s birth.  

Some interesting thoughts!

Research on Babies Crying: Sibling Rivalry Even Before Siblings

Evolutionary Theory in action. Babies cry to prevent parents from procreating. It is a survival strategy for maximizing resources without the interference of those pesky infant siblings that sap up the bulk of resources such as attention and investment of time. Keep parents occupied and no brothers or sisters 🙂    Read about it here: